About Victoria School

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About Victoria School

Victoria School (VS) is Singapore’s second government secondary school. The all-boys school, founded in 1876, is currently located at Siglap Link. It is less than one kilometre from affiliated Victoria Junior College and a very short walk to East Coast Park and the beach.

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Victoria School Siglap Link Campus (2003-present)

The Siglap Link campus was uniquely designed, guided by the school’s rich history, tradition and learning philosophy, which focused on the school mission to develop students into well balanced and all-rounded individuals.

To emphasise the importance of learning, the library is at the school’s centre. In 2003, the 300-seater library was Singapore’s biggest government secondary school library. The Eco-street, which is the central green lung of the school, was designed to become an active learning space for life science projects, where students could engage in experiments and investigation. The ecological garden also helps to balance the concrete structures and built-up design of the campus. The plants, trees and water features provide an oasis of calm within the school compound where Victorians could relax, surrounded by the classroom and science laboratory blocks.

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In order to maximise the use of space, the 11-storey 500-bedder hostel was conceived as a shared zone with the school to create synergy through the sharing of facilities. The hostel houses additional communal facilities such as a music room and activity room. The auditorium, located within the school, was conceived as a shared resource to be used by the school and hostel. To maximise the use of space, the school has seven storeys and the Parade Square is situated on the fifth storey, above the school Hall. As sport is important, space was made available for a full-size school field. The field was replaced with an AstroTurf field in 2007 and an indoor sports hall was added in 2009.

Source: http://victoria.moe.edu.sg/our-victoria/school-history/milestones/



Victorians are talented and high-calibre students. Victoria School has the tradition, people, school climate, resources and programmes to groom Victorians into worthy and respected members of our society. To support its mission, Victoria School is committed to the following:

  • Continuing and maintaining VS’s quest for excellence and integrity in all its undertakings.
  • Recognising and rewarding performance and achievement at all levels.
  • Enhancing the quality of programmes by developing a partnership with corporations and tertiary institutions, which will ensure the relevance of the programmes offered.
  • Developing programmes that instil the Victoria Spirit in its members and continue the rich tradition of the school.
  • Promoting a globally orientated environment.
  • Promoting an innovative atmosphere that strives for continuous improvement.
  • Contributing actively to the community.

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